Using Text to Engage Students from Inquiry to Alumni in Times of COVID-19

Jun 10, 2020 @ 2:00 p.m. EST

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Meeting enrollment goals and placement expectations in the current COVID-19 and regulatory environment can be challenging.  From the difficulty of tracking down a student body that doesn’t like to read or respond to the email to matching a job lead with the right student skill sets, to placing students in qualified positions, it can be difficult. This presentation will provide specific tips each school can implement at their campus, including; changing the culture of career services from a passive to an engaging process, using technology to more effectively build relationships from the initial inquiry.

David Goodwin: David Goodwin is the Co-Founder of the technology company TextAim – a company at the forefront of using text communication for over 750 colleges and universities across the United States. He has an extensive business, marketing, and advertising background.

Before starting TextAim he founded College Times – which became the largest college newspaper in the United States serving Arizona State and the Maricopa Community Colleges. From this start was developed multiple local neighborhood and auto publications, along with Goodwin Advertising Agency – with such clients as Geico and Circle K. Selling these businesses in 2012.

Jeri Prochaska: Jeri Prochaska, Vice President of Higher Education Relations at TextAim, is responsible for leading business development initiatives and the successful management of education clients.  Jeri has a passion for the education industry and specializes in increasing enrollments, retention, placements, and overall engagement through innovative, effective communication. She brings extensive knowledge from working within and for schools for over 25 years. Jeri is also the founder and Co-Executive Director of the Career Schools Private Education Network (CSPEN), which represents career and trade schools across the country.