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Motor Carrier Trainer Level II

CVTA’s Motor Carrier Trainer Level II program builds off of the knowledge gained in Level I and expands the Instructor’s base of knowledge to enhance their ability to educate, communicate and impart their skills and knowledge to better serve their students. This curriculum is focused on providing Driver Trainers with appropriate knowledge in the areas of teaching adult students.


Our Motor Carrier Trainer Level II is comprised of 6 separate courses to help instructors develop their skills when working with trainees.

Student Diversity
Student Diversity examines diversity possibilities among students, and the various, potential responses to those diversities by you and by your students. Techniques and resources to help you explore your character and develop valuable instructional plans will be presented to facilitate a greater learning experience for every student in your multicultural classroom.
Memory and Higher-Level Thinking
Long- and short-term memory play essential roles in learning. This course discusses higher and lower level thinking skills and examines the characteristics of memory.
Interpersonal Skills
Interpersonal Skills explores interpersonal intelligence and provides insights into dealing with anger, anxiety, and communicating effectively in an assertive manner.
Intrapersonal Skills
The development of a healthy self-esteem and tactics for managing stress are crucial for the individual’s well-being and personal success. Intrapersonal Skills looks at the many components that comprise intrapersonal intelligence.
Leadership Skills
What does it take to be an effective leader? Leadership Skills answers this question by examining and defining effective leadership. The course looks at the attributes possessed by an effective leader and explores each attribute in detail.
Self-Management Skills
This course discusses the development of self-management skills and the benefit those skills have in shaping personal goals and management of time and resources.
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