School Instructor Programs

Basic Instructor Certification

CVTA’s Basic Instructor Level teaches critical skills that establish the foundation for instructors to be immediately effective. The successive levels build upon this foundation are intended for instructors to build upon their skill development as they develop. An instructor brings a unique combination of content knowledge and work experience when training students. Instructors are the lifeblood of our member schools and extremely valuable to producing quality trained drivers.


Our Basic Instructor Certification Level is comprised of 7 separate courses to help instructors develop their skills when working with trainees.

Assessment Strategies
This course examines the use of rubrics, portfolios, and checklists for choosing optimal assessment types for desired lesson outcomes.
Conflict Management
This course examines conflict management and resolution techniques that will assist students and faculty in identifying and managing conflict situations.
Effective Lessons
An effective teacher knows how to capture, engage, and interact with his or her students. This course explores these skills by examining the components of lesson development, presentation techniques, and building an active learning classroom culture.
Learning Differences
Individuals approach learning in unique ways. It is important to design your curriculum with different learning styles in mind. This course examines learning differences and interpersonal intelligence.
Learning Objectives
The basic elements in developing a lesson plan are examined in this course. The topic is expanded by explaining why the success of any lesson plan depends on the quality of its learning objectives.
Managing Collaborative Learning Activities
This course looks at best practices for assigning collaborative learning projects. An examination of several common mistakes and planning pitfalls are covered; along, with learning to identify unforeseen risks encountered during a collaboration assignment.
Unit Planning
The unit is a planned subdivision of a course, an integral piece of the completed puzzle of the coursework you will make available to your students. Each is an essential element of a well-executed Unit Plan bringing structure to, and helping you manage, your college courses.