Motor Carrier Trainer Certification Program


CVTA’s Motor Carrier Trainer Certification Program (MCT) is designed to equip Trainers at the Fleet Level. This program is designed to help those instructing and mentoring entry-level drivers, who hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Motor Carrier Trainers have a set of different challenges than their School Instructor counterparts. The commercial drivers they are instructing have attained a certain level of proficiency. Moreover, the environments and relationship to their fellow employee requires the Motor Carrier Trainer’s to have a particular understanding of the methods to impart their knowledge while maintaining the core competency of learning to be a good Instructor. The Motor Carrier Training program is also delivered through an online, self-paced environment. Trainers are able to access this content in a mobile environment, which is often suitable for them based on their job. when it is convenient for them. There are two levels for the MCT program.