Motor Carrier Trainer Programs

Motor Carrier Trainer Level 1

The Commercial Vehicle Training Association offers these courses to aid the development of motor carrier finishing school instructors. This is the first level of training for CVTA certification and provides Finishing School Instructors with the foundation to better instruct their drivers. The curriculum is focused on providing Driver Trainers with tools and knowledge to become better instructors.


Our Motor Carrier Trainer Level I is comprised of 7 separate courses to help instructors develop their skills when working with trainees.

Conflict Management
This course examines conflict management and resolution techniques that will assist students and faculty in identifying and managing conflict situations.
Diversity Adaptations
There is strength in diversity…but the challenge for any instructor is in bringing out the best in all students, while using differences to enhance the learning experience. This course presents many tips for managing diversity in the classroom, techniques for positively impacting educational performance, and assistance in recognizing when correction is needed. Principles and concepts related to diversity adaptations can be applied to help meet the needs of at-risk students.
Instructor-Directed Strategies
Studies have shown that teachers who are willing to be flexible and vary their teaching methods have an increased rate of capturing the students’ interest. The information in this course will help you understand when and how to use instructor-directed teaching methods like expository and guided discovery.
Student-Directed Strategies
Student-Directed Strategies explores a number of indirect teaching strategies that can be used to help students develop complex concepts.
Learning Objectives
The basic elements in developing a lesson plan are examined in this course. The topic is expanded by explaining why the success of any lesson plan depends on the quality of its learning objectives.
Anger Management
Understanding communication in its many forms is vital to modifying behavior in the classroom. Learning to identify communication cues that create negative situations will help you develop an effective anger management strategy.
Creating a Motivating Environment
Human behavior motivators and their effects on learning are outlined in this course. Abraham Maslow’s theory of personality will aid instructors in formulating a motivational style that both nurtures and engages the student.
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