CVTA Opposes Cuts to WIOA Funding in Congressional Budget Proposals

Jul 31, 2023

CVTA has been engaging in Congressional meetings to educate policymakers on the importance of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding for CVTA members and the trucking workforce.

As CVTA members know well, thousands of unemployed and underemployed individuals utilize WIOA funds each year to begin life changing careers in the trucking industry.

CVTA is working to ensure that ongoing Congressional activities will not result in reduced WIOA funding for truck driver training, like a recent House Appropriations Subcommittee bill that recommends drastic funding cuts for WIOA programs.

Notably, drastically cutting WIOA is not a widely supported view on Capitol Hill. Last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed their budget for WIOA funding with bipartisan support that maintains existing funding levels across all WIOA programs.

CVTA continues to highlight the importance of truck driver training programs at the state and federal level and appreciates any insights that members may wish to provide.

Please reach out to CVTA Government Affairs Director Kyle Hayes to report any WIOA issues you are experiencing.

Check out the latest Legislative Alert on our WIOA work in the video below: