April 20 CVTA COVID-19 Update

Apr 20, 2020

Below you will find updates that have occurred within the trucking industry over the past week and since our last update.

1. CISA Updates Guidelines

Today, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued its second round of updates to guidance on essential workers within the national supply chain. Having included “Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) workers,” in the first round of updates, this guidance is nothing less than total vindication for all of CVTA’s members as CISA now specifically calls out “driver training and education centers” as essential to the critical infrastructure of the nation. The wording is noteworthy as well because the term “education” may lend support to CVTA members closed in states where they are regulated specifically under state Departments of Education or similar entities.

CVTA heartily thanks Director Krebs and the CISA Agency for this action and hopes that all CVTA members will soon be fully open and serving the nation with professional and well-trained truck drivers. Moreover, CVTA thanks the FMCSA for any support they may have lent to this new guidance.

The full document can be found by clicking here, with the specific provision contained in the ‘Transportation and Logistics’ subheading.

2. Map Updates with State DMV Closures

CVTA continues to update the following map of DMV closures and limited operations. If there are any changes you can provide, please email them to Andrew Poliakoff.