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Virage Simulation VS600M is the most sophisticated truck driving simulator on the market today with proven training curriculum. Get the most cost-effective and most efficient training tool with a solid ROI. Let the team of experts from Virage show you how easily today’s innovation can become a valued and integral part of your daily operations. See why schools like the Center for Transportation Training of Charlesbourg (CFTC) has already purchased eleven VS600M simulators for their training program for new and experienced truck drivers, with plans to purchase more. Learn how the “Golden” series of training programs; The Golden Shifter™, The Golden Mirror™ and the Golden Steering™ have accelerated learning toward CDL acquisition while saving valuable instructor time and wear and tear on trucks.

The Virage Simulation VS600M comes standard with a three-axis, motion / vibration system for a real-truck feel along with the most accurate, advanced and reliable shifter that provides highly realistic kick-back and vibration with no mechanical gears and therefore no costly maintenance and repairs that can create costly down time! With rising fuel prices and government’s push to “Go Green”, Virage Simulation has once again stepped up to the plate and delivered, at the request of the Quebec government, the Eco-Drive-Pro™ training program to help reduce the financial impact and environmental harm of excessive fuel consumption. With Eco-Drive-Pro™ drivers visually learn in real time precisely how each touch on the gas and brake pedals and each gear shift directly affect the physics behind fuel consumption. The US Environmental Protection Agency stated, “driver training programs can help trucking companies save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing drivers’ skills, knowledge, and performance. A driver training program that improves fuel economy by five percent could save over $3,000 in fuel costs and eliminate eight metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per truck each year”*

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The award-winning Virage Simulation is located in Montreal, Canada, and was founded in 2005 by a group of Aerospace experts in the field of simulation and training. With a combined experience of over 100 years in developing multi-million dollar simulator projects around the world, Virage has developed the highest level fidelity and cost-effective land vehicle simulation systems for driver training, evaluation and rehabilitation on the market today.


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