A Tap on the Glass - 86 - Finding Your Voice

by Michael Darling

aving someone stand up for you and your business can go far to increasing sales and gaining clients quickly. After all, it worked for Albert Einstein.

It’s interesting to note that one of the most historic scientific theories of all time actually caught on for one reason—and it's not the reason you think.

I was perusing one of my many blogs and found this fascinating story of an amazing moment in our history, over a hundred years ago…and the lesson that a small business can use today.

The year is 1905.   A virtually unknown scientist published a series of papers in the scientific publication Annalen Der Physik. A niche publication read only by a few thousand academics. And while many such papers were usually read and then quickly forgotten, these papers found an unexpected advocate in a man by the name of Max Planck, who was one of the most renowned theoretical physics professors of the time. The paper's topic, on a new "special theory of relativity" as its author called it, intrigued him.

It’s interesting to note that Planck was wasn't entirely convinced, but Planck knew that the paper's author, Albert Einstein, was someone worth paying attention to. Thus, it was Planck's door-opening endorsement that earned Einstein some immediate credibility as a someone who may be a serious player in the world of physics. With that opportunity, though it took several years, Einstein convinced Planck that his theory was valid, and the two often collaborated to further the theory and became good friends in the process.

Now, you could make the assumption that eventually someone else might have taken a closer look at his theory, but at least in this instance, Einstein would never have become Einstein without the support of Max Planck—and his special theory of relativity may have never been recognized for the achievement it was.

So here's the important question that you need to ask yourself: Who's your Max Planck?

If I may be so bold as to propose a theory of my own, I think that what Einstein's story shows us is that an ideal way to grow your credibility is to be fortunate enough to have the right person stand behind you and tell everyone around them that you are worth listening to.

If you haven't, maybe  it's time to find that person for you and your business. 

Thanks for reading.