A Tap on the Glass - 78 - Oz Wide Open

What does Dorothy’s adventure in the Land of Oz have to do with success in life?

Ok…not much, it may seem at first glance. But if you look a little more closely, you might discover in The Wizard of Oz,  a parable for achievement and personal fulfillment as insightful as any motivational speaker.

I had a chance to peruse the book In The Wonderful Wizard in You (Pelican Publishing, 1999)recently,  and culled 11 key factors that probably not only helped Dorothy and her companions in Oz, but that also determine winners on this side of the rainbow.

1. Sense of humor
Winners are deadly serious about what they do, but know not to take themselves too seriously. Know the difference and, if necessary, learn to poke fun at yourself.  Heck, I’ve been mortally wounded doing that on more than one occasion

2. Persistence
When winners take on a project, they see it through until they are finished. If you think about it, Dorothy and her friends made a commitment to themselves and one another and refused to be deterred. If you begin a marathon, even if it takes you 15 hours, finish the race.

3. Balance
Success does not mean high achievement in just one area of life while others fall apart. Just as we all need a balanced diet, you have to pursue a balance among work, family, relationships, recreation and charity. If there is disharmony here, reassess your priorities and time management to bring your life into better balance.  Easier said than done, I know…but necessary for sanity.

4. Energy
Jump out of bed every morning and embrace the new day’s possibilities. Try to get up a little earlier than everyone else. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish over time when you have a few extra minute’s head start in the morning every day. It’s a new day that’s never been used before…and will forever be gone when it’s done.  Make the most of it.

5. Eyes affixed
A goal is just a dream with a deadline. Keep your goals in mind at all times. Know all the steps necessary to make that dream come true. Then set a date and finish early. That will give you a head start on the next goal.

6. Multitask
Winners focus on more than one thing in life. All work and no play may earn you a lot of money, but leaves you with no way to enjoy it. Cultivate your outside interests.

7. Like the universe, keep on expanding
A great way to keep on learning is by teaching. Learn your skills, and then hone them by sharing your experience with others. Teach for business, for charity and for your own growth

8. The empathy path
Winners don’t succeed by exclusively focusing on their own needs. They win by helping others succeed. Put yourself in other people’s shoes, then begin finding ways to satisfy their needs. One of my favorite motivational speakers, the late Zig Ziglar often said if you want to succeed, help others succeed first.

9. Forgive divinely
You will make mistakes, and so will those around you. Forgive them and embrace what they teach you. Mistakes help you learn and grow. But part of the learning process should be making sure you do not repeat the same mistake. Instead, keep building, growing and making brand new blunders!

10. Charge the depths
Whatever business you’re in, dig deeper, consider new angles and think in a more professional, profound manner. Challenge yourself to find new applications, open up new channels of business and expose areas for development no one has considered yet.

11. Attitude
Dorothy has a naturally healthy self-image and those around her can’t help but be affected. Contrary to what you may believe, a positive attitude can be cultivated, and the best time to begin is today. To be a winner you have to think that you can win.  

Once again, I quote Zig Ziglar with one of my favorite lines…"It's your ATTITUDE, not your APTITUDE that determines your ALTITUDE!


Fly high today…and thanks for reading…