Student Testimonials

Michael Flecchia - NETTTS

Well you guys must be doing something right because I passed my first shot! A big thank you doesn’t even come close to how I should express it. There isn’t works for my thanks. All of you are incredible teachers and people and I wish I could somehow repay you. Maybe later down the road of success, I wish you all the best.


Thank you all very much!


Michael Flecchia 6-2-14 AM, New Hampshire

Dave Young - NETTTS

Thank you all!


You turned a pizza guy into a “TRUCK DRIVER.” I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you!

Thanks you.


Dave Young

Evan R. Enegren - NETTTS

To The Director of NETTTS Pawtucket,


I personally want to thank all of NETTTS of Pawtucket RI. Office administration department, fortheir friendly professional guidance during my tuition class 3/31/12. I am pleased howinformative and supportive the Job placement department of Duncan and Larry are with theirguidance, recommendations, and due diligence, throughout the application process. The emails,with job placement notification are an extremely helpful tool to all students.

Anonymous (1) - NETTTS

The following e-mail is a follow up to our conversation. Some of the instructors wereexceptional in their day to day interaction. The one most inspirational was the quietest of all hisname is MINOR. Spending time with him learning was an experience in itself at no time did hesay it could not be done. His patients is an attribute to his style of motivation. I spent a longertime with MINOR due to registry appointments that were cancelled. After the appoint wascanceled he would be optimistic and tell me "Just be patient you are ready it will come." Finallythe appointment came and all the practice and determination with support paid off.On 12-1-14 I received my license. Threw out the process there were other individuals that stoodout.

Kennedy Newton - NETTTS

To whom it may concern:


My name is Kenny Newton and I am currently a student atNETTTS. I am writing this letter inregards to the instructors Jessenia and Vinny, I have been thru many classes in the past such asCCRI and Real Estate classes which I obtained my license in five different states. Overall I ampleased with every employee I have come in contact with so far at NETTTS, however I feel Jesseand Vinny deserve a special recognition for all their hard work and dedication they provide inthe classroom.

David Bonner - NETTTS

Dear Don Lane,


Within the past five months that I have been catered to at New England Tractor Trailer Training School, I have not only learned a lot or grasped the necessary techniques needed to advance in this field. I have been treated like a family member and the respect shown to me during this time has been next to none experience elsewhere. As I have learned all this is required of me and more to take me feather in life. I'am especially grateful to God for allowing me to choose New England Tractor Trailer Training School for my educational advancement.