Stevens Transport and Continental Truck Driver Training Host FMCSA on Campus

Jun 6, 2024

CVTA members set the industry standard when it comes to providing safety-focused, professional truck driver training, and we’re proud to demonstrate the effectiveness of our schools at any opportunity.

CVTA school members Stevens Transport and Continental Truck Driver Training and Education School recently hosted the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) at campus locations in Dallas, Texas.

FMCSA Office of Safety Programs Director, Patrick Nemons, and Southern Service Center CDL Program Manager, Russell Thompson, joined CVTA staff for tours of two of CVTA’s standout training programs.

During these tours, Andrew Wilke and Robert Wall of Stevens Transport demonstrated the advanced technology on board the commercial motor vehicles that Stevens’ students train on. Continental School Director Rod Hurst walked FMCSA officials through the processes they utilize to maintain compliance with Entry-Level Driver Training standards through accurate, timely reporting to the Training Provider Registry.

OSP Director Nemons addressed students at both programs to highlight the role FMCSA plays in supporting drivers and motor carriers in safe operation on our nation’s highways and the unique opportunities that come with a career in the trucking industry.

CVTA’s Executive Director, Andrew Poliakoff, shared with students that they have already succeeded in one of the essential tasks of starting a trucking career: selecting an industry-leading training provider that will provide the skills and education necessary to secure job opportunities with the nation’s leading motor carriers.

CVTA thanks the FMCSA for their ongoing partnership with the truck driver training community. That commitment continues to be demonstrated through on-the-ground engagement with CVTA member schools.

Thanks as well to Stevens Transport’s leadership Clay Aaron and Angela Horowitz and Continental’s leadership, Rod Hurst, for offering their time to host the FMCSA on campus.

We encourage all CVTA members to demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs to federal and state policymakers. CVTA’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Kyle Hayes, can arrange and support tours with leading policymakers. To schedule a tour, send an email to