Diesel Drops 5.1¢ to 16-Mo. Low $3.7; Gasoline Tumbles 9.6¢ to $3.4

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Downturns Follow Oil’s Slide to Below $80 a Barrel

Diesel fell for the 11th straight week, dropping 5.1 cents to $3.678 a gallon, a 16-month low, while gasoline dropped almost a dime, the Department of Energy said Monday.

Gas fell 9.6 cents  — its biggest decline in more than a year — to $3.437, its lowest price in five months, DOE said following its weekly survey of filling stations.

The diesel downturn left trucking’s main fuel 21 cents below the same week last year, while gasoline is 13.7 cents under a year ago.

Diesel’s national average pump price has plunged 47 cents in the past 11 weeks, while gasoline has plummeted 50.4 cents in 12 straight declines.

Diesel’s price is the lowest since it was $3.573 on Feb. 21, 2011, and gas is at its lowest since it was $3.389 on Jan. 23 of this year... Continue reading.

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