Dock-N-Lock Prepares To Unveil Distracted Driving Solution

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Dock-N-Lock LLC is set to release their patented distracted driving solution during the 2012 American Trucking Associations Management Conference and Convention in Las Vegas this October. It's an electronic device that prevents texting and driving by restricting any vehicle from starting until the driver secures their phone inside of a locker.

Over two years in the making, Dock-N-Lock LLC is in the final stretch to bring their highly anticipated solution to prevent distracted driving to market. They will launch their product at the 2012 American Trucking Associations Convention at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas October 7-10. This announcement is coming on the heels of a landmark case earlier this month in which a Massachusetts teen was convicted of vehicular homicide as a result of texting while driving, and will serve one year in prison and loss of license for 15 years.

Here's how the solution, trademarked Surge'ON, works: A non-removable chip gets placed on the driver's phone that is recognized by a locker installed near the driver seat. The driver must place the phone inside a universal locker, which then recognizes the phone. Once the locker is closed, it self-locks and the vehicle is able to start. Without the driver's phone secure in the locker, the vehicle will not start. The benefits of such a device are clear. No more texting and driving, no more hands-on calling, and no more distracted driving caused by a hand-held device. Another benefit is that the solution is also an anti-theft device. The vehicle will not start without the driver's cell phone secure inside the locker. According to Dock-N-Lock, the device works with all phone makes and models including Apple's iPhone, which has been incompatible with several other solutions offered... Continue reading.