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Malorie Maddox
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Source: wowt.com/news/headlines/Werner_TD_Ameritrade_Leaders_Talk_Jobs_143914246.html

They are two of Omaha's biggest employers. Werner Enterprises and TD Ameritrade speak openly about jobs, revenue, and if the economy is getting better.

Charlie Endorf earns his paycheck on the road. Endorf says, "I've been here for 36 years this summer." Endorf has driven 5,000,000 miles at Werner. Endorf says, "Long days, long nights, lots of billboards."

He says--during his time at Werner Enterprises--he's never worried about keeping his job. He feels the company is stable.

Werner Enterprises President Derek Leathers says it hasn't been an easy road.

Leather says, "We think the worst of it is behind us but we're not thinking we're completely out of the woods." Leather says Werner didn't have a "Black Friday" or big layoff event when the worst of it hit in 2008.

"We were really able to get through the recession by simply not replacing jobs we lost. Mostly we were affected in large metro areas outside of Omaha, although we certainly did have some shrinkage of employment in Omaha." said Leathers.

Before the recession hit, Werner had 9,000 trucks on the road. Now, on any given day, it's 7,300. The company... Continue reading.

Source: wowt.com/news/headlines/Werner_TD_Ameritrade_Leaders_Talk_Jobs_143914246.html