CVTA Applauds New Jersey Legislatures for its Bipartisan Effort to Reduce Skills Testing Delays

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. – February 7, 2017 - Earlier today, CVTA President & CEO Don Lefeve issued the following statement about the enactment of New Jersey’s law to solve commercial driver license (CDL) skills testing delays:

“Yesterday, the State of New Jersey took a giant step towards reducing the time it takes an individual seeking a commercial drivers’ license (CDL) to secure a testing appointment. The legislation signed into law means the Motor Vehicles Commission (MVC) will establish a pilot program that allows third parties to conduct the CDL testing in addition to the MVC. By allowing third parties to test, New Jersey joins 40 states that currently embrace these public-private partnerships. As other states have demonstrated, these partnerships significantly reduce CDL testing delays and save the state money. It is a ‘win-win’ for students, businesses, and government.

CVTA would like to thank the following state leaders for their bipartisan effort: Republican Lieutenant Governor Guadagno’s Red Tape Commission, Senators Oroho (R-24th) and Bucco (R-25th), as well as Assemblymen Burzichelli (D-3rd) and Dancer (R-12th). Together, they reached across the aisle to provide a common-sense solution to a statewide issue that will lead to more jobs and a better economy.”


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United Truck Driving School Featured in KRA Monthly Spotlight

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Jordan, who aptly entitled the article Short Road To Success For The Long Haul, reported, “Brian Smith came to the Career Center, in November 2014, to pursue his career goal of becoming an interstate long-haul truck driver. Having relocated to San Diego from Montana, the year before, he realized that his series of ‘dead end’ jobs wasn’t working for him, even though he was working.”

Why was Brian so confident about a career in long-haul trucking?  He explained, “My father and brother are both truckers, mostly cattle haulers in the ‘Lower 48′, based out of Montana.  I would go on the road with my dad as a kid, so I know what it’s like and what it takes to be a long-haul trucker. He helped me develop a real passion for it... Continue reading...



Truck Driver Shortage Means Thousands of Jobs Need to be Filled

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A national shortage of truck drivers means companies are looking to fill tens of thousands of jobs in the coming years.


At the Tennessee Truck Driving School in Louisville, CDL Instructor Sean Henson said they typically train 400 to 500 new drivers every year. But that doesn't come close to filling the gap for what's needed.

Henson said there are several reasons for the shortage of drivers. The biggest is that the average age of current drivers is between 55 and 65 and more drivers retire every year than what come into the business. He also said that the improving economy means there is more stuff being built and nearly all that product is moved by trucks... Continue reading.