Weekly Thought Volume - 110 - All My Bags are Packed, I'm Ready to Go....or Am I?

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Pack your suitecase as efficiently as a flight attendantThe New York Times recently featured the packing strategies of a flight-attendant named Heather Poole, who frequently lives out of a carry-on for 10 days at a time.  Talk about challenging! With baggage fees higher than ever (thanks Delta!), knowing how to efficiently pack a carry-on can save you a bunch of money when traveling by air.  

Having recently dealt with not only packing suits and clothes for a 4 day trip, but also a bunch of rubber ducks I acquired on the trip, I could immediately relate with this.  ( For those of you that weren’t in Memphis with me recently, it’s better if you don’t ask…..)

Anyway…here's how to do it, according to this seasoned veteran….and it makes sense.

Heather rolls her clothes to avoid wrinkles and save space.  One important note, however, is that she sets those rolls aside rather than packing them as soon as she's created them. She first puts her shoes in the carry-on bag, then starts adding the heavier layers of rolled clothing. She then continues adding clothing in order of heaviest to lightest. For example, pants or suits go in first because they're heavier and larger, then followed by lighter shirts, then topped with undergarments. This order makes it easier for the items to compress when the suitcase closes. Toiletries and other items then go on top as the toiletry bag often contains liquids and needs to be removed quickly for security screenings.

Packing the same items, using other methods, results in an un-closable suitcase.

Next time you pack, make sure you roll your clothing and pack from heaviest to lightest in order to easily fit everything you need.

Hey, any idea that makes your life easier is one worth trying, right?   Sage wisdom comes in many forms.  Not all these columns need to be about time management.  Sometimes, a little tip like this makes all the difference in your next trip.

Thanks for reading..