Wanted by the FBI

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Dear Trucking Industry,

We have been asked by the Clearwater Police Department who partners with the FBI Innocence Lost Initiative to get the word out through all of our trucking contacts about the fugitive, Eric Antwan Bell.   He is wanted for producing child porn, aiding and abetting the production of child porn, unlawfully possessing a firearm, engaging in the sex trafficking of a minor, and aiding and abetting the sex trafficking of a minor.   

He was featured on America's Most Wanted, is an expert in fake i.d.'s, goes by multiple alias' and is armed and dangerous.  He used to be an long haul truck driver, and they suspect he might have returned to this occupation while on the run.   

He's been on the run for over a year but they do have his accomplice in custody. The FBI is offering a $5000 reward for information leading to Bell's arrest and they think the trucking industry might be able to assist in bringing him in.