Werner Enterprises featured in Bloomberg article

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Allen Parker of Werner
Allen Parker, driver for Werner Enterprises, had to stop one delivery 15 miles short of the customer due to trucker work rules. Photo: Werner Enterprises
Werner Enterprises was recently featured in an Oct. 27 article, “Tired Truckers Versus Efficiency is Focus of Regulation Fight.”

The article, which appeared in the business wire conglomerate, Bloomberg, discussed the proposed Hours of Service (HOS) change by President Barack Obama’s administration who, according to the article, predicts the change will save billions of dollars in health-care costs, reduce accidents and add 39,000 jobs.

In the article, Derek Leathers, president and chief operating officer, and Steve Phillips, senior vice president of operations, dispute that.

Derek Leathers of Werner
“If we are continuously improving our accident rate as an industry, which we are, and fatalities are continuing to decrease, which they are, taking away this flexibility just doesn’t intuitively sound like a smart idea,” said Derek Leathers, president and CEO of Werner Enterprises. Photo: Werner Enterprises
Leathers said taking away flexibility isn’t a smart idea – given the industry has improved its accident rate and fatalities are continuing to decrease. Phillips said the Company expects the new HOS rule would mean a loss of between 3 and 5 percent in productivity and 5 to 7 million miles per year. Phillips also said the Company would have to purchase 50 to 60 new trucks and hire 120 drivers.

Allen Parker, a 24-year veteran of Werner Enterprises and a native of Fairbury, Neb., also was featured in the article. Parker experimented with the proposed change by driving 10 hours a day instead of 11 hours. He discussed the difficulties caused by the change – including stopping 15 miles short of a delivery, spending a half hour in a Wal-Mart parking lot because of a mandatory break, sleeping during the day, waking up at 2:30 a.m. to make deliveries and $5,700 in lost wages annually.


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