Steven Aaron had a Vision that Customers Wanted a Highly Level of Service

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A Real Incarnation of the American Dream


Steve Aaron lived the American Dream. Starting from the bottom, he worked, took risks and built an empire. Aaron's ambition propelled him through University of Texas' business school and his drive to succeed pushed him to take risks. Shortly after college, Steve's entrepreneurial spirit got the best of him when he opened and operated his first business which included a small private fleet. Being a hands on micro manager, taught Aaron the discipline of paying attention to detail and executing with speed and precision. But Aaron had his sights set on a higher goal: to build a successful North American asset-based trucking and logistics enterprise. Today, Steve's dream has come true. Stevens Transport is recognized as the premiere trucking and logistics company.

Aaron realized that deregulation removed the barriers while creating an opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial spirit to enter the industry. In 1980 took his second financial risk and created Stevens Transport. The inaugural fleet of 13 Kenworth cabover trucks shipped meat and poultry from Texas to California while back hauling produce to the Dallas terminal market. Stevens' initial base of operations was a small office park in Mesquite, Texas with minimal tractor parking. Aaron figured that parked trucks did not generate revenue or pay bills. In Stevens first year, they turned a profit.

"Good, better,

best: don't let it

rest til your good

is better and your

better is best."

Aaron realized that to be successful, he had to have the tenacity to penetrate into the market. So he fearlessly increased his fleet to 25 tractors and 30 Utility 42' refrigerated trailers. Since 1988, his fleet has grown exponentially. Stevens Transport maintains top-of-the-line equipment, and currently has 2,500 power units with an average age of 1.6 years and 3,900 Utility 300R refrigerated trailers, each equipped with a Thermo King SB230 unit. Recently, Stevens added a new Qualcomm system, the MCP200, and will have all trucks outfitted with Electronic on Board Recording devices by June 2012.

Stevens Transport has been a family-owned and operated enterprise since it opened its doors over thirty years ago. In 1984, Aaron's oldest son Todd started working sales and envisioned the importance of using Laredo as a land bridge to strengthen Stevens' south Texas foot print, as the market was in dire need of a high caliber, cross border carrier. 10 years later, Todd started Stevens' load-to-ride intermodal program, and now serves as the Vice Chairman while still being an industry leader in sales and client procurement.

In the early 1990s, Aaron's second son, Clay, joined the team and currently serves as the company's President. Aaron's daughter Angela also made a career with Stevens, starting as a customer service representative and working her way to becoming the Vice President of Driver Resources and Administration.

There is no storm that Stevens cannot weather. Despite the recent recession, Aaron and Stevens Transport have never had a layoff in company history. Constantly focused on growth, Stevens recently consummated a 1,200 Utility trailer purchase, 600 new Kenworth power units in 2012. Needless to say, Stevens Transport is well positioned to complement its many strategic Fortune 500 partners and customer networks.

A Kenworth cabover truck from the early days of Stevens Transport.
Steve Aaron poses with Theo Wiggins, the most tenured driver in Steven's Transport fleet. Wiggins has elevated his income each year to reach the six-figure mark as a company driver.
Steve Aaron sits with his officers, three of whom are his own children.
Stevens Transport is known for their shiny, late-model equipment. Pictured here is a Kenworth T700 by the front gate at their corporate headquarters.

If you are ever in Dallas, we would be honored to have you stop by and take a tour of Stevens. Contact Todd Aaron with any questions you might have.

Steven L. Aaron
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
9757 Military Parkway Dallas, TX 75227
(972) 216-9000