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Week of April 11, 2011
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After answering several hours-of-service questions at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), we decided to offer our new hours-of-service online training program for free. Here’s how you, your drivers and your colleagues can take advantage of this offer.

Our recent trip to the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) wasn’t all schmoozing and fun. Foley’s Compliance Specialists fielded countless questions on a variety of DOT compliance issues. Hands down, two of the most frequent topics were FMCSA’s Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) system (See FF #680) and the agency’s re-write of the hours-of-service regulations.

All of the hours-of-service-related questions during MATS got us thinking. We discussed what we could do to make sure carriers and drivers understand FMCSA’s hours-of-service proposal so that they can be involved in the rulemaking process and be ready for the changes when they do go into effect. As a result of that discussion, we have decided to make our new online training program -- Hours-of-Service 2011: The New Proposed Rules -- available for free.

Free Hours-of-Service 2011 Training

To access the free training, visit the Foley online store at Hours-of-Service 2011 is listed as the first product in the Best Sellers category. In order to view the training, you will need to add the item to the shopping cart and follow the instructions to complete the transaction. There is absolutely no charge for viewing this training, and you will not be required to enter credit card information.

This free offer is available to all motor carriers and drivers so please feel free to pass this information on to all of your company drivers and colleagues.

What Does the Training Cover?

Hours-of-Service 2011 explains the proposed changes to 49 CFR Part 395 currently being considered by FMCSA. It includes a detailed overview of the hours-of-service proposal as well as a comparison to the existing regulations. The training takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and includes an:
  • Overview of the current hours-of-service rules
  • Overview of the proposed rules
  • Explanation of how a proposed rule becomes a final rule
The free training is suitable for drivers, safety managers, and anyone else who is interested in motor carrier safety and operations.

Review of HOS Proposal

The comment period on FMCSA’s Hours-of-Service Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) closed on March 4, 2011, but there will be more opportunities for interested parties to participate in the process. Here are a few highlights of the proposal, which drew tens of thousands of comments.
  • FMCSA proposed to retain the 34-hour restart provision that allows drivers to restart the clock on their weekly 60 or 70 hours by taking at least 34 hours off-duty. The hitch: The restart period must include two consecutive off-duty periods from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. Also, drivers would be allowed only one restart per seven-day period.
  • The proposal called for a 14-hour workday that includes at least a one-hour break. As a result, drivers will have a maximum of 13 hours to complete all on-duty work-related activities.
  • The agency said it was leaning towards adopting a 10-hour limit on daily driving time, but solicited comments on whether drivers should be limited to 10 or 11 hours.
  • The proposal also includes the option of extending a driver’s daily shift to 16 hours twice a week to accommodate loading and unloading issues.

For a copy of the full proposal, which originally hit the Federal Register on December 29, 2010, send an email request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What’s Next?

The Fast-Fax team is following the hours-of-service rulemaking process closely, and we will keep our readers informed of any new developments. In the meantime, if you have any questions about hours-of-service or any other area of DOT compliance, please call a Foley Compliance Specialist at 1-800-253-5506, ext. 708.

Transportation Ticker - Mexico Truck Proposal Open for Comment

The comment period is officially open on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Mexico truck proposal - formally known as the “Pilot Program on NAFTA Long-Haul Trucking Provisions.” The proposal, which was first released at the end of last week, hit today’s Federal Register. All comments are due by May 13, 2011.

The stated purpose of the pilot program is to test and demonstrate the ability of Mexico-based carriers to operate safely in the United States. As proposed, the program would allow Mexico-based carriers to operate throughout the United States for up to three years. In addition, carriers based in the United States would be permitted to operate in Mexico for the same three-year period. Currently, most Mexico-based carriers are only permitted to operate within commercial border zones that extend up to 25 miles into the United States.

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