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Our sales have been excellant! Update on new engines.  Market research and rankings firm J.D. Power and Associates said Sept. 21

Survey of 2,421 fleets showed an increase in Satisfaction with two-year-old, heavy-duty trucks. Ranked on 1,000-point scale,

The class 8 fleet operators to consider engine quality, performance, cost of ownership and warranty in making assessment.

Mercedes-Benz Engine, ranked highest with score of 765, Cummins Inc. at 748. Caterpillar Inc. 747



2003/2005 Daycabs


10 spd trans

  All Alum Wheels
 Starting $15,000


2006 columbia

2005/2006 Flattop

515/550 HP

13 spd

 All Alum Wheels 
308K to 633K miles

Kenworth T800 

R60896 T800


(2) 2006 Flattop

430 HP

10 spd/OD

All Alum Wheels

 15,920 dry wt.


Full Inventory    Ruan Fleet maintained trucks, trucks are detailed, DOT inspected, tires and brakes are uprated as needed to Ruan sales terms.




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