Quick Guide To Foley’s New Phone System

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DOT Safety Regulation Update Fast-Fax™
Week of April 18, 2011
Foley Services Your Single Source for DOT Compliance

In order to better serve our clients, we have recently introduced a new phone system. This special edition of Fast-Fax is your handy guide to quickly getting the service that you need. Please note that our extensions have changed from a 3- to 4-digit format and that our old extensions will no longer work.


Our toll free number has not changed. However, upon dialing, you will be greeted with a new menu. You will hear the following options:

1 -- Spanish Language Assistance
For Spanish language assistance, please dial 1. Para assistencia en Español oprima el numbero 1(uno).

-- Emergency Testing Situations
For emergency testing situations including Post-Accident and Reasonable-Suspicion testing, please dial 2.

-- Sales
To speak with a Sales representative, please dial 3.

4-- Audit Support
If you are calling because you have received notice of a DOT audit or if you are currently undergoing a DOT audit, please dial 4.

-- Drug and Alcohol Testing
If you are calling about Drug and Alcohol Testing Services, please dial 5.

-- Driver and Carrier Compliance
If you are calling about Driver or Carrier Compliance Services, please dial 6.

-- Billing
If you are calling about a billing issue, please dial 7.

-- Collection Sites
If you are calling from a Collection Site, please dial 8.

-- Directory
To use the company directory to reach a specific individual, please dial #. Please note that our extensions have changed from a 3- to 4-digit format and that our old extensions will no longer work. Follow the directions to find your party.

Transportation Ticker

FMCSA Grants Two-Year Exemption from Certain Metal Coil Securement Rules. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently granted a two-year exemption from certain metal coil securement rules. As a result of the exemption, all carriers will now be able to use FMCSA’s pre-January 1, 2004 cargo securement procedures for transporting groups of metal coils with eyes crosswise. The limited exemption is effective from April 14, 2011 to April 14, 2013.

Ford F150 Recall. One of the workhorses of the agricultural, construction and light-truck fleets, the Ford F150, is subject to a recall. Ford announced the need to recall 1.2 million F150s because of issues with the airbags. This follows a much smaller recall for a similar issue issued in February.

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