Washington State Lawmakers Consider Alternative Road Tax

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by Ashley Korlsien & KREM.com

SPOKANE-- Lawmakers are considering a new tax for drivers based on how many miles you drive.

State officials are kicking off a study to determine whether this tax could work in Washington.
Washington leaders could decide to impose a new tax based on mileage.

Construction company owner Keean Toner doesn't like the idea, but understands the importance of additional revenue. “You have to pay taxes. You aren’t gonna get better roads unless we pay the taxes, they are gonna tax you one way or another.”

Experts are tossing around the idea of a "vehicle miles traveled" system, which will help offset a drop in revenue from the gas tax.

State representative Andy Billig says as hybrid and electric cars become more popular, the state will take in less money from gas taxes.

A 2007 study found Washington could lose up to 3.8 billion in expected highway funding, mostly due to higher fuel-economy vehicles.

As of right now, Washington leaders are in the beginning stage of studying the mileage tax system.

The study could take a year before any sort of pilot program is kicked off in Washington.

Source: krem.com/news/local/Wash-Law-makers-consider-alternative-road-tax-for-miles-traveled-157100035.html