Scam Alert - 6/21/2010

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This just in from Debbie with Arbuckle Truck Driving School:

I received a call from a man named Joe Tucker  last week 6-14-10,representing a company called "ZODIAC" phone # (505) 272-8719, looking for 4 drivers ASAP. He said, Felony/ DUI ok after 5 years but no drugs, a 4 day orientation would be in Dallas, they would provide bus ticket, food and hotel. Pay was $450 per wk. after orientation during training and 28 cents per mile when you got in a truck on your own. out 14 days, home 4 days. Carl called him ( incognito) to verify infomation because of the last scam. Everything sounded legitimate and he was not asked for money upfront, but since we were still wary we told past students that were interested to ask alot of questions and if any monies were requested by Mr. Tucker, to let us know immediately. Mr. Tucker called again 6-16-10 to ask if I had anyone else calling him and gave me another phone number to contact him (505) 205-7634.

I received a call this morning, 6-21-10, from one of my graduates and he was told Friday 6-18-10 ( through a number of calls)  that he was accepted for employment and they would get him a bus ticket for orientation in Atlanta (?this is not the location told to us) or meet him with an '09 Pete at the truckstop here. The grad chose to meet him. Joe Tucker called him back a few minutes later and said that his boss wanted a guarantee that he would show up to meet that truck and that he would need to send $400.00 that would be reimbursed when he picked up the truck. My student told him he didn't have that kind of money and no, he could not borrow it. Joe Tucker said that he would speak to his boss and would be calling my grad. back with a confirmation. Needless to say that was the last communication he received from Mr. Tucker.

I wanted to pass this info on to you since it sounds like the scammers are back.


Arbuckle T. D. S., Inc.

Thank you Debbie for keeping us posted!