Scammer Alert! 5/5/2011

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From: Daniel Kasper
Allstate Career School


Our Lester Campus recently received a call from a "Supposed Employer" that was trying to hire graduates for Martin Transport. Unknowingly, this call came from a Las Vegas, Nevada pay phone (702-384-9047). The Scammer was attempting to represent himself as a Recruiter for Martin Transport, and provided us with all of the seemingly normal information in accordance with an OTR Class A Driver position.

The Scammer's name was Danny Mayo. Danny stated that the position paid $450.00 a week for the first 4 weeks training, then 30 cents a mile after that. You would work 14 days out, 4 days home covering 48 states. They were accepting felonies older than 5 years, and DUI's older than 3 years. So, as you see this position sounded like a genuine opportunity. He then requested students call him immediately about the opportunity. Students were referred as they would be for any opportunity. Luckily, a red flag went up for one Student when the caller asked for his social security number and personal information, then requested that he go to Western Union to transfer money for a bus ticket out to the company. The Student notified All State immediately and we are handling the situation. Don't be a victim!

Things to look out for:

  1. Do Not give out personal info such as social security numbers over the phone without having filled out a valid application first.
  2. Valid companies will not ask for money up front for travel expenses. Never send money!
  3. If a "Recruiter" sounds to URGENT and skips steps in the process be wary.
  4. If the opportunity is too good to be true, it probably is, trust your instincts!

Thanks for the heads up!