Scammer Alert! 5/20/2011

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Good afternoon everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment and remind all of you that this is the time of year for the scam artists to come slithering out of the woodwork! 

I got a call today from a man named David Greene.  He claims to be the Director Of Driver Operations with Con-Way Transportation.  He gave the phone number 702-542-3175. (My first tip-off.  All the scam numbers I seem to get have the 702 prefix).  He claimed that they were looking for 6 drivers from our area immediately, and 14 more very soon.  Four weeks of training pay at $450, .32 per mile, out 14 days and home 4, and very interested in women drivers.  I have contacted Amanda Dunkle at Con-Way (she's included in the thread) and confirmed that there is no one working at Con-Way by that name. 

I am almost POSITIVE that this is the same man that contacted me last spring, and claimed to be Joseph Greene, with US Express.  He tried unsuccessfully to get one of our students to Western Union him $450, and claimed a local trainer would pick him up once money was received.  (Police were trying to track him but were unable to do so). 

Please forward this warning to all public and private schools that you associate with.


Rebekah Casner
Coordinator-Truck Driver Training
Kishwaukee College
Thanks for the heads up!