Scammer Alert! 6/1/2011

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From Roadmaster:

We received a call at approximately 12:00 noon from a guy who said his name was Chuck Davis. He claimed he was the Director of Driver Service for Con Way. Said he was looking for 3 drivers to fill empty seats. His phone is 205-381-3382 also said felony over 5 years ok, DUI over 3 years ok pay scale of $425 per week for 6 weeks after .28 cents a mile. This for some reason didn't sit well so I contacted Con Way to verify Mr. Davis was who he claimed to be. After speaking to Con Way, they informed me that no such employee existed. I had one of our employees to call Mr. Davis looking for one of these positions he was told that he needed to supply a phone # where Davis could call him back.

Beware the scammers are out there!