Scammer Alert! 6/14/2011

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From Chuck Wirth, American Institute of Technology

An employee from AIT had a message from a Chris Johnson claiming to work for TransAm and needing drivers.  He was very rude on the phone. the employee googled his phone number and discovered that he was a scammer. The number he left was 205-381-3382. Please see the link below of others reporting this caller using a different name and carrier, but the same phone number.

From Dean Cochran
Director of Driver Recruiting
TransAm Trucking, Inc.

A school in TN just received a phone call claiming to be a TransAm Recruiter in need of students, he needed them to apply blind by calling him direct. He left a phone number of
205-381-3382 claims his name is Chris Johnson. Sounds like the scammers are at it again.  Please don't have your students call him and don't give his name and number to your students, I'm sure he will want them to wire money to him.

Beware the scammers are out there!!!!!

Thanks for the heads up!