Scammer Alert! 6/23/2011

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From Karen Crabb
@ Schneider National

I just was alerted by one of our field recruiters that there is a scam artist in the NE states right now representing himself as a Schneider associate. He is going to the Trucking Academies & asking for the director, introducing himself as “Greg” or “Gary Graham” from Schneider National. He is asking for a list of the students names & phone numbers, and saying we are offering a straight into orientation opportunity from truck training school for a fee of $500! Frank said that even after one school contacted him on “Greg” approaching the school; he received a call from another school saying that “Gary Graham“ was offering this school the same thing. He even left a contact phone of 205-381-3382. If you hear of anything from any of your applicants, please take seriously and get as much information as you can and let your leader know include Frank also

CVTA strongly suggest you to call Karen Crabb at 920-592-6009, if you've been contacted by this scammer.