SCAM ALERT! - Oct. 14, 2011

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From Maralyn Chavez, Western Pacific Truck School


We received a call today from a man, "Willard Peabody", who informed us that he was at the terminal in downtown Los Angeles and wanted to know how he was supposed to get to the school. 

We told the caller we did not have a school in that area.  He then informed us that John D. Western had signed him up for Western Pacific Truck School in Georgia and gave him a discounted price, if he paid up front.  He also said that 8-9 others were also there waiting at the terminal trying to get to the school.

We asked the caller for a phone number, and were provided with two numbers.  One number was supposed to be for John D. Western and the other was supposed to be a cell phone of one of the others waiting at the terminal.  The number for "John D. Western" had an outgoing message that said "not taking calls at this time".  The other number was an unassigned MagicJack phone number.

Maralyn Chavez

Western Pacific Truck School