Member Alert - 11-28-2012

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From: Nona McDonough
Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 3:11 PM
Subject: Scam
I just received a phone call from Dorothy Campbell of Wichita Truck Driving School.  She advised that her students are receiving phone calls from a "fake" recruiter named, Wayne Bishop from phone # 615-284-4332.
Wayne is charging people large amounts of money telling them he can get them jobs especially if they have had a DUI, felony, or misdemeanor.  He is telling them that he can get felonies/misdemeanors approved within 5 years and DUI's within 3 years.  Then, he promises them that they are only out 14 days and home 4 days.
Dorothy stated that he has called some students and advised that he worked for Prime.  Now, he is saying that he works for Covenant Transport.  After he collects their money, he calls them back and says, "You've just been scammed."
Dorothy wanted to make everyone aware of the situation.  She also advised that anyone can call her at 316-838-3336 or her cell # @ 316-579-3379 if they hear anything from "Wayne Bishop".  She is trying to track as many of the calls as possible.
Nona McDonough, Covenant Transport.
Thanks for the Heads up!