Member Alert - 1-11-2013

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We received a call today from Kathy at Truck Driving Academy in California. There is a gentleman using the name Michael Diangelo.  He is identifying himself as a representative of Martin Transport.  He is asking for 3 students and is especially in need of one woman. His reason is that he has a female trainer that needs to someone to ride with her.   

He also indicates that he will need 14 drivers by the end of next week. They will be paid $550 for 4 weeks and 33 cents per mile after they complete the 4 weeks. He says he will take students with felonies over 5 years and DUI over 3 years old.

Jo Larson, Recruiting Manager, Martin Transport has been fielding calls all day and assures us this is not the case. They have no one working for them by that name.

Once Mr. Diangelo gets the student, he tells them that they need to send $400 to show they can afford to go out on the road. He assures them he will return the money when they arrive in San Diego where he will put them up at a Motel 6 in San Diego.  The number he is using is a Tennessee Number.   

Thank you Kathy for the Heads up!