Urgent News from CVTA

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CVTA has been active on two issues that could have a major impact on our school and carrier members.

First, the Association has submitted written testimony to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee which is holding a series of nationwide "listening sessions" on transportation policy.

The sessions are highly controlled, thus we were not able to testify in person. Lou Spoonhour will be attending the session that is to be held in Chicago on Sunday, February 20, and hopefully he will be allowed to present CVTA's testimony for the record during the roundtable portion of the hearing. The testimony highlights the truck driving occupation, and notes that H.R. 1 (the continuing resolution for FY 2011) COMPLETELY ELIMINATES funding for training under the Workforce Investment Act.

If this bill passes and is ultimately signed into law, THE major source of funding for training truck drivers in many locations will be wiped out. We encourage you to QUICKLY write to your individual representatives and senators to express your views on this subject. Feel free to use any language that you wish from CVTA's testimony in your letter. CVTA will also be willing to assist in any way with contacting your representatives on this issue.

Secondly, the FMCSA Final Rule on Commercial Learner's Permits is currently under review by the Office of Management and Budget, and a Final Rule is expected to be issued before our Spring Conference.

Based on President Obama's directive to eliminate unduly burdensome regulations, the Association wrote to OMB to express the Association's concern with portions of the proposed rule. The letter was sent jointly by CVTA and the American Trucking Associations.