Updates on the Workforce Investment Act

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CVTA has remained active in opposing the cuts to Workforce Investment Act funding that are contained in the bill passed by the House of Representatives.

CVTA has submitted written testimony to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee which is holding nationwide "listening sessions" on transportation issues.

Former CVTA Chairman Lou Spoonhour spoke before one of the "listening sessions" that was held on Sunday, February 20 in Chicago.
CVTA member Doris Young was invited to a meeting that was held with President Obama and several Cabinet officers yesterday in Cleveland, OH.  Doris participated in a breakout session with the Secretary of Labor. CVTA helped her prepare for the meeting during which she highlighted the impact of the cuts contained in the House bill.

CVTA member Smith & Solomon is working to generate letters to the New Jersey Congressional delegation as well as attempting to set up a meeting with Senator Bob Menendez.

We continue to stress to ALL CVTA members that you should contact your Congressmen and Senators and urge them to continue funding for WIA.  The CVTA office will be glad to assist you with such contacts.