Exciting New Tool for Recruiting Drivers and Students

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CVTA is pleased to be able to announce that the "Rookie of the Year" Contest created by Randall Reilly Publishing is up and running. The first "Rookie of the Year" will be recognized at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, TX in August. CVTA helped Randall-Reilly in the development of this contest because the Association believes that the contest is a great way to not only recognize new drivers and attract attention to the truck driving occupation and build excitement about it.

The grand prize will include $10,000 cash as well as merchandise provided by sponsors. Semi finalists will also be recognized. Nominations may be submitted by schools, employers, trainers and individuals.

As its contribution, the Truckload Carriers' Association has agreed to host the application website. The website is: www.TruckLoad.org. When you land on the website, scroll to "Contests and Awards." The Rookie of the Year contest is the second one listed.

We encourage all members to nominate individuals that have been outstanding students or employees.