A Meeting Concerning the Best Way to Help Our Veterans Get a CDL

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CVTA Executive Director Mike O’Connell recently participated in a day long meeting concerning the best way to help our veterans get a Commercial Drivers’ License based on their military experience.  As you know, several states have adopted a waiver from the requirement to take a CDL examination based on military experience.

Several items were discussed.  Mike suggested that the AECD test developed by the Commercial Driver Training Foundation be administered as a way for gaps in the veterans’ training have identified.  The training could then be specifically tailored to address the identified gaps.

The main discrepancies readily identified were lack of knowledge of the FMCSRs and the fact that most military members were training on automatic transmissions in vehicles that are not articulated.  New Board of Directors member Mike Hinz of Schneider National Carriers and the Schneider National representative were particularly helpful in developing this argument.

The suggestion that the AECD test be used to identify gaps before training begins received wide support from the ATA representatives, the military and FMCSA representatives present at the meeting.  The next meeting of the group will occur on August 24.