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ExamVIP, Inc. is a national, employer-dedicated Healthcare Company that provides on-site DOT Medical and Drug Screen services, as well as comprehensive Third-Party-Administrative services, to companies and schools in the Trucking industry.  

Our accomplished executives, in-house clinical team and Nationally Certified Medical Examiners work closely with each client to custom-build and manage the medical services and drug screen programs, as required by law and requested by the company.  There is no limit, large or small, as to whom we can service.  However, with the help of our sister company Vestig8, we have created a niche’ for working with those large national contracts wishing to streamline or create a standardized national program.

Vestig8 Healthcare Information Systems, LLC (Vestig8) has created and cloud-based electronic medical records program which allows the company and/or the MRO to provide a simple, affordable and safe solution to a sometimes complex process.  The available modules include:

  • Supplies (order/Ordered)
  • Scheduling
  • UDS Results (w/MRO Report)
  • FMCSA CME Disposition Upload
  • Invoicing
  • Report Builder
  • Background Screen Results
  • QI Review

Phone: 866-235-9112
Website: examvip.com