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Brian Stout
Transportation Compliance Services USA

Brian Stout is the President of TCS USA, a transportation safety and security consulting firm which fields former law enforcement agents specializing in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Brian consults in matters of security, safety, and fleet liability related to federal regulations and industry standards. Brian has consulted on safety and security projects with the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration, and the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. TCS’ operations cover multiple states and jurisdictions and include international clients. Brian’s background is a combination of law enforcement, government security, and operational management and consists of numerous commendations and awards. He has Bachelors of Science with Honors in psychology and criminal justice from Liberty University which compliments his list of industry certifications. Brian’s influence, training, and policies can be found in many thriving businesses all over North America. He has worked on both the prosecution side and the defense side of state and federal regulations for the past 16 years and has successfully defended hundreds of clients in transportation enforcement cases.