Member Services

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Public Policy Advocacy

Working with lawmakers and regulators, CVTA and its members advocate for practical and sensible policies which impact our students, schools, and motor carriers. The association provides industry expertise to policymakers, facilitates an ongoing dialogue between industry and government officials, and ensures our members voice is heard in Washington, D.C. and in State Capitals.

Industry Collaboration

Hosting 2 conferences a year, monthly webinars on industry specific topics, a bimonthly newsletter, and collaboration through committee calls, CVTA provides critical industry information to its members and provides opportunities for our members to network and learn from each other. CVTA leverages its own member expertise providing an enrich experience and greater understanding on industry affairs which otherwise would not happen. Members are able to learn and share best practices so that our schools collectively produce the best graduates into the workforce. Additionally, our motor carrier members are able to establish relationships with schools from which to seek a qualified, well trained workforce.

Instructor Certification Program

One of the goals of CVTA is to help schools achieve a level of excellence in driver training. The Association engages in a number of educational programs in order to accomplish this. CVTA has developed an Instructor Certification Program to enhance the effectiveness and professionalism of instructors working for member training organizations. The Instructor Training Program is based on vocational instruction materials developed by Ohio State University and published by the American Association of Vocational Instructional Materials. Instructors engage in self-paced study and must complete on-line testing in order to qualify for the highest designation, Master Instructor. To date, more than 700 instructors have achieved the Master Instructor designation, while more than 1,500 others have achieved one of the other four levels of proficiency.

Our Safety Professional Level released in 2010 is based on the ATA publication “Safety For the Long Haul” written by Ronald R. Knipling, PhD. Has enjoyed great success with 180 Instructors completing the program and over 300 working their way through this series of the program.

Our next level for the Senior Master Level will be available in the spring of 2014. This section is based on the vocational instruction materials developed by Ohio State University and published by the American Association of Vocational Instructional Materials.

Education Programs and Content

The association creates and shares its own educational content and videos to help prepare students for success in their future career. Driver Retention is a major problem facing the trucking industry. Driver turnover is a major issue for CVTA Schools and Motor Carrier members. One of our goals is to do our best to reduce driver turnover. Towards that end CVTA’s Member Schools and Motor Carrier Members worked together to produce a ten minute video to alert students to the Issues Involved in changing jobs entitle “It Pays To Stay” The following year the same group produced a video entitled “It Pays to Pay” providing students with the skills for handing their finances while on the road.

Working with the Commercial Driver Training Foundation, CVTA also produced a video entitled “Life on the Road” that provides potential students and their families an opportunity to see an overview of what the life of a long haul truck driving professional entails.

We also created a series of brochures for distribution at schools providing similar information for the potential student to take with them for consideration.

Once the students graduate CVTA has a graduation package congratulating the students and provides information on discounts on the road and information an accessing the CVTA website for questions that may arise.

Our efforts are designed to educate our new Professional Truck Drivers to the Industry!