Alligator on the Zipper

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Alligator on the Zipper
Explores Lives of Women Truck Drivers
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New York, NY 10/25/2007 Traditionally, trucking has been viewed as a male dominated industry but in the past five years, women have become a growing presence in the trucking world. Attracted to the freedom of the road, the potential of making a good living, and the autonomy of the trucking lifestyle, more and more women are becoming drivers and finding that they love the job.

Alligator on the Zipper is the first documentary film to record this demographic surge. Directed by Ivo Stainoff, the film gives a rare and visually stunning glimpse into the lives of women truckers. It explores the reasons why women chose to become truckers, and ultimately why they love their work.

The film takes us on the road with seven adventurous, hardworking, often humorous and freedom loving women drivers who have opted for the trucking lifestyle. It captures the spirit of these seven women as they crisscross the highways and back roads of the United States hauling their loads. As the women drive, their life stories unfold. One of the women in the film is "mogul in the making" Patsy Van Flateren, a Belgian immigrant, whose drive and willpower have propelled her to build a successful flatbed trucking business and to overcome an abusive past. Another is Jackie Wheeler, a former actress whose dream is to appear on Oprah to tell her "rags to riches" story. A third profile is that of Jan Steward, a trucker who runs her business based on following her Christian principles. The stories of these women and four others deliver a compelling and candid look into the world of women truck drivers.

The film was produced and directed by husband/ wife team Ivo Stainoff and Jessica Chornesky " The film is meant to dispel stereotypes and to serve as a source of empowerment to potential women drivers. So many women feel intimidated by the idea of driving truck. Yet when they finally take the leap feel incredibly empowered," says Chornesky

Mr. Stainoff, a Bugarian-born director was influenced by his childhood experiences. "I have always been attracted to people whose freedom loving spirit leads them to live an independent lifestyle. My mother drove a truck for a period of time while we were living in the Caucus Mountain region in Eastern Russia and I remember her determination in sub-zero temperatures."


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Alligator On the Zipper
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