Scam Alert

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One unfortunate effect of the sluggish economy is that thieves have gotten more numerous, more desperate and bolder. We've seen an increase in the number of truck driving student job scams. This is where an individual claiming to be a carrier's recruiter calls schools and gets student names and contact information. Then the scammer contacts the students and/or their spouses or parents claiming to have a job opening. The catch is that the victim has to send the phony recruiter money, to cover a "placement fee" or fuel costs for transportation to orientation. Of course the money is supposed to be wired, or sent as a money order to a P. O. box. So once the scam is discovered, there's no way to stop the payment. Not only does this victimize students and the people who care about them, it gives schools and carriers a black eye.

Let's Squash This Scam!
Students, be wary. If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is a scam. It's tempting to jump on what looks to be a great opportunity, but check it out with school placement personnel. Schools, check and double-check the identity of individuals who call claiming to be a carrier's recruiter. A quick way to do this is to call the carrier at a published phone number (rather than the call-back number supplied by the alleged recruiter). Verify the employment of the individual and that there really is a legitimate job offer.

Visit our Web site and our blog for updated information on where the scam is taking place and what names are being used. If we can raise the level of awareness about this scam, it will be harder to pull it off.