DOT joins NETS to help drivers get “Back to Basics”

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From DOT Secretarty Ray LaHood's blog

It’s no secret that safety is DOT’s number one priority.  That’s why I’m grateful to organizations like the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) for all they do to promote safety on our nation’s roads.

Each October, NETS hosts Drive Safely Work Week, an opportunity for organizations to help their employees focus on safe driving.  And while the 16th annual Drive Safely Work Week doesn’t begin until October 1, it’s never too early to start thinking about how we can make our roads safer for everyone.

NETS makes available a Drive Safely Work Week toolkit for employers, which is now available at Now is the time for employers to download the toolkit and begin thinking about how to mark this important week and help employees focus on driving safely whether they're at work, on vacation, shuttling kids to soccer practice, or just running errands around town.
This year’s campaign theme is “Back to Basics – Your keys to safe driving.”

Many of us think we learned all of the basics in driver's education classes many years ago, and that our years of experience have automatically made us safe drivers. But we can all use a reminder to pay attention to the fundamentals.

The week will kick off by emphasizing the importance of wearing a seat belt on every trip and providing participants with ways to help get those they care about to buckle up as well.

Steering with a clear head – particularly avoiding driver fatigue, driving distraction-free, and parking and backing basics, are other important topics that are covered.

The last day is about fine-tuning the fundamentals, and features tips and activities to help participants avoid some of the most common types of crashes.

The Drive Safely Work Week materials include some great activities that participants can take home and share with their family members and friends. And, if you have teens who are--or will soon be--learning to drive, this year’s “Back to Basics” materials are ideal for use as you coach your new or up-and-coming drivers.

Thanks again to NETS for promoting safe driving habits both on and off the job.  Please download your toolkit today and help us make our roads safer for everyone.