August 20, 2012: An Important Date for Medical Examiners

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A Message from FMCSA:

Mark your calendar! The National Registry program implementation is gaining speed as key system capabilities prepare to go live. After August 20, 2012, medical examiners will be able to register to become certified.

Registration enables you to create an account in the National Registry system to begin the certification process. During this process, you will be asked to submit contact, medical practice, medical license, and training information.

Remember, you need not complete the training prior to registering but you will need to register prior to taking the Medical Examiner Certification Test.

Since the National Registry rule was only published a few months ago on April 20, many training organizations are still developing their training programs and may not yet be ready to offer training. We met in June with test delivery organizations and those that have applied to FMCSA are going through the approval process. Although they may not be ready to offer the exam by August 20, they should be ready shortly thereafter.

To learn more and to register as a certified medical examiner, please visit our website at after August 20.