Thank You from Truckers Against Trafficking

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We couldn't do our work without your generous support!

Dear Friends of TAT

When we asked, "Why are you a Trucker Against Trafficking?"

the following are some of the responses we received:

"Being the victim of sexual and physical abuse as a kid, I wouldn't wish anyone female, male, young or old to be victimized by the type of people who do these horrific atrocities on other humans. I'm proud to be a part of TAT, and glad such a group exists."  -Driver, Rodney B.

"Over three years ago, I picked up a TAT brochure. That little guy sat on my dash for a week. Finally I picked it up and read it. Something really hit me inside and God told me, this is where I want you, fighting for these girls, this is why you're driving a truck. Just a little side note, if it weren't for my involvement with TAT I wouldn't be driving a truck. We are the eyes and the ears for these girls. I used to think that this wasn't my problem, God told me otherwise. If I can help save the life of just one girl, that makes it all worth it. TAT is making a difference. I'm very proud to be a part of it, and my life hasn't been the same."

-Driver, Rick Y.

"It turns my stomach to think that such a thing can happen in the U.S. We are supposed to be greater than this. Human beings are supposed to be life's greatest assets and to objectify people as personal property is dead wrong."  -Driver, John G.

As a result of drivers like these, and the growing support of the trucking industry on a whole, TAT is making an impact.

  • Calls into the national hotline have skyrocketed since TAT's inception.
  • Rescue stories of women and children who were being trafficked for commercial sex are coming in.
  • The trucking industry is partnering with law enforcement in our coalition builds all across the nation.
  • The Truckload Carriers Association, the American Trucking Association, the National Association of Truck Stop Operators Foundation, the Commercial Vehicle Training Association, the National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools, National Association of Small Trucking Companies, Owner Operator Independent Driver Association, numerous state trucking associations, carriers, companies and schools have all announced their support of TAT through strategic partnerships.
  • Congress recognized the work of the trucking industry via TAT on its floor.
  • The trucking industry gained global recognition when TAT was included in the United Nation's 100 Best Practices list to combat human trafficking.
  • The Motor Transport of Connecticut recognized TAT with their Good Buddy Award.
  • Thousands now follow us via our social media channels and are being pro-active in bringing this message back to their companies.
  • Truckers are increasing awareness to the general public as well through the school system, in churches, neighborhoods, on the backs or sides of their trucks, and at conferences.
  • The FBI, United States Department of Transportation, Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, Homeland Security Investigations and the Attorney General's office have begun to partner with the trucking industry on a variety of levels to get this message out to those who need it most.

If you believe in this work--what has already been accomplished and its massive potential for good along our nation's highways--then join us by making a donation today. And now is the perfect time to give, as our friends at the Greenbaum Foundation will match every dollar that comes in between now and the end of the year up to $50,000.

Calls are being made, lives are being saved, and the trucking industry is truly driving change when it comes to combating domestic sex trafficking, and becoming the Everyday Heroes so desperately needed. This is what TAT is all about, come on board with your financial support today, and make a difference along our nation's highways.


With Gratitude,

Kendis Paris

TAT Executive Director


PS- Another exciting way to give would be to make a donation to the "From Miles to Mountains" campaign, a fundraiser started by trucker and rock climber Matt Hopkins to benefit TAT. 

Matt will be taking time off from driving to travel to Argentina in February 2014 in an attempt to summit Mt. Aconcagua, the tallest peak in the Western and Southern hemispheres. Matt aims to raise $22,841 (the same number as the vertical height, in feet, of Mt. Aconcagua) as part of an awareness campaign for TAT and our mission to combat human trafficking in the United States. 

If you're interested in learning more, check out the fundraising page at CrowdRise by clicking here. There, you can make a secure donation and be sure that all monies raised through the CrowdRise site will come directly to TAT! Be sure to check out this inspiring project by one of the trucking industry's own! A big thanks to Matt for his creative idea and passion to help spread the word about TAT and how others can get involved!