HOS Combatants Agree Court Ruling Marks End of 17-Year Regulatory Fight

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Source: ttnews.com/articles/petemplate.aspx?storyid=32741

By Timothy Cama, Staff Reporter

This story appears in the Aug. 19 print edition of Transport Topics.

The chief adversaries in the nearly 17-year battle over federal work rules for commercial drivers agreed that the recent appeals court decision upholding most of the government’s latest regulation closes the book on the overhaul of the so-called hours-of-service rule, which had not changed significantly in 57 years.

But while the trucking industry says it wants to move beyond the issue of truck-driver fatigue, groups that have filed numerous lawsuits aimed at pushing regulators, lawmakers and courts to restrict truckers’ driving hours said they want to make sure the government does not forget about the issue.

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