Hours-of-Service Debate Heats Up at Listening Session

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DOT Safety Regulation Update Fast-Fax™
Week of February 14, 2011
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Thursday’s hours-of-service listening session gave the motor carrier industry the opportunity to let FMCSA exactly what they thought of the new proposed rules.

The hours-of-service listening session was billed as an opportunity for motor carriers to discuss the proposed rule. If, however, FMCSA was expecting an even handed debate they were sorely disappointed. The tone of the debate quickly turned very hostile, both towards the new rules and the agency in general. By the time it was over there was little doubt that FMCSA had received — to use President Obama’s phrase — a ‘shellacking’.

In this week’s Fast-Fax we are going to share an indicative selection of comments from the meeting’s online transcript. Please note that we have chosen to correct spelling and grammar

Comment From Tom:

As a 38 year veteran of the trucking industry, I believe that you need to seriously consider that you need to allow the split sleeper birth as the way it use to be,as an LTL driver that is important to me as well as many others,time spent at shippers and receivers over 2 hours should be allowed to stop the clock and restart when done,that time can be spent in the sleeper,and could count towards your 10 hour break,as for the 34 hour restart leave it alone it works just fine. By allowing the sleeper birth split the driver will be better rested and will be a safer driver,i have 38 years of accident free driving it is better to rest when the driver feels the need not when the clock says so I hope you give this some special consideration thank you for your time

Comment From Ted Donaldson:

The mandatory break is bad!! As is the whole proposal. The mandatory break may force drivers to stop for 30 minutes in an undesirable or unsafe location, etc. Leave the HOS alone just eliminate the 14 hour rule..

Comment From Mckenzie Claburn:

My dad is a professional driver why would you try to enforce these new rules with the lack of truck parking here in the east, my dads friends lost the son and husband because he was forced even under the old rules to park in an unsafe area because there was no where for him to park, my dad is the safest driver i know and has dedicated his life to the industry and his fellow drivers but if these rules won’t help get him home safely and deal with the shippers and receivers his log book will be a useless tool it is my dad that makes it safe not the rules, thanks Mckenzie Claburn 13 Hudson falls N.Y.

Comment From Maggie Jackson:

I believe the proposed new 10 hour rule would make for more drivers on the road to move the same amount of freight, therefore causing everyone involved to lose money. If the drivers cant make money than we aren’t going to have any drivers to move the products. The entire economy would suffer.

Comment From Michael Alford:

I like the current HOS. However, I would like to see some flexibility in the day where as we the DRIVER can take a break when WE fell that it is necessary. Not be told that at a certain time its nappy time.

Comment From Mathew Pearlstein:

I believe that if we should be allowed to be equal to the men and women in the oil fields. They are allowed to stop their clock when stuck at a shipper or receiver. If the rest of us sit for 4 or 5 hours, we’re not given that option which causes drivers to drive tired, just to make their deliveries on time. It causes drivers to drive faster. If we are to be safer and better rested, we need the same flexibilities.

Comment From Richard:

Have any of us asked to have these rules changed, or was it only because of the special interest groups? I am not trying to slam anyone, I am just trying to understand. Please explain how people that don’t have a life style like we have can dictate what we can and can’t do. Also how they can basically tell us how much we can make by telling us we can’t drive, or work for a certain period of time.

Comment From Erik:

OK here’s a good question... Why mess with the HOS at all? What are they accomplishing? What good will become of the next changes? At our company we have adapted and are using the EOBR’s. Truly, using EOBR’s and driving strictly by the HOS rules have cut down productivity by a 1/3. If anything the automatic logs have helped all our drivers, who didn’t know how to log or apply the rules to their day, log correctly. The proposed HOS rule changes may help the union drivers out there in the world but the owner operators and company drivers that we employ just think the changes will hold them back from making a living and working when they can and feel like it.

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