CVTA Welcomes Step Forward in Addressing America's Workforce Development System

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CVTA Welcomes Step Forward in Addressing America's Workforce Development System


Association focused on keeping the American economy moving forward by providing quality truck driver training that addresses the growing needs of carriers


Washington, D.C. (May. 21, 2014) - The Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA), the largest trade association representing the interests of truck driving schools, students, motor carriers, and the businesses that depend on their services, today announced its support of Congress' bipartisan effort to improve the nation's workforce development system through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). WIOA focuses on aligning training needs with jobs that can and need to be filled. CVTA members are dedicated to streamlining the process of enrolling students into schools, training them as quality drivers, and placing them into jobs in order to reduce the growing driver shortage, projected to reach 239,000 in the next 10 years. WIOA is a positive step forward in ensuring workers seeking to enter truck driving and other in-demand professional receive the proper assistance, obtain the right training and skills, and are placed into jobs that will positively impact the economy.

ATTENTION Drivers and Carriers: New Regulation as of 5/21/14

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Attention Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Drivers and Carriers:

Did you know an important law affecting you goes into effect May 21, 2014?

To keep America’s interstate CMV drivers healthy and our roads safer, all interstate CMV drivers will soon be required to have their medical examinations performed by a Certified Medical Examiner listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

If you’re an interstate CMV driver, you already need a valid medical certificate signed by a medical examiner. The only change is that after May 21, 2014, you’ll need to go to a certified medical examiner for your medical certificate. If you’ve already had an exam and have a current certificate that certificate will be valid until its regular expiration date.

Member Alert - 4.21.2014

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We received the following information from ATA and wanted you all to be aware:
For the past two weeks and individual identifying himself as Larry Davis is calling Truck Driving schools representing that he is a recruiter for Knight Transportation, gleaning names of students from the school and then promising them a trainer if the student will wire him $200 dollars. Several individuals have been scammed.
At least one of the students in Florida has filed a police report. We wanted to get the word out to all to be aware! There is no Mr. Davis at Knight and they do not charge students.

Professional Truck Driver Institute Honors Terry Burnett with Lee J. Crittenden Memorial Award

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Organization’s highest honor goes to long-time proponent of finding and training
the professional truck drivers of tomorrow

Grapevine, Texas -- The Professional Truck Driver Institute, Inc. (PTDI) is pleased to announce that it has selected Terry Burnett, CIC, CRM, president of Burnett Insurance Corporation of Little Rock, Arkansas, and chairman of PTDI since 2008, as the 2014 recipient of the Lee J. Crittenden Memorial Award. The award was bestowed March 25, 2014, at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas, during the annual convention of the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA), the organization that manages PTDI.

Drivers Face Delays in CDL Skills Test; Training Schools Ask Congress to Help

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By Daniel P. Bearth, Staff Writer
This story appears in the March 24 print edition of Transport Topics.

Delays and inconsistencies with the way states test applicants for commercial driver licenses are undermining efforts to place truck driver training school graduates in jobs, according to officials who have asked Congress to act.

Don Lefeve, president of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association in Springfield, Va., said it takes up to 45 days for CDL applicants in some states to arrange a skills test due to inadequate staffing and a limited number of testing facilities.

As a consequence of delays in issuing licenses, Lefeve said, many qualified applicants give up or find other jobs, hurting the ability of motor carriers to fill jobs and tying up equipment at state testing sites that could be used for ongoing instruction.

To speed up the process, Lefeve said, states need to expand the number of third-party testing sites.

“Our data show that 29 states offer third-party testing,” Lefeve said. “Of these states, 12 offer it through a very restricted program; meaning through a community college only. An additional 12 states only conduct testing through state-funded officials or sites… Continue reading


Transport Topics Editorial: CDL Licensing Delays

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This Editorial appears in the March 24 print edition of Transport Topics. Click here to subscribe today.


The struggles of the nation’s trucking fleet to attract and retain qualified drivers have been well-documented in the pages of Transport Topics for many years now.

From long stretches of time away from home for longhaul drivers to the continued frustration with burdensome government regulations to the indecisiveness to seriously tackle highway funding and congestion issues, being a professional truck driver takes a special type of person.

So it is with extreme dismay that we report this week on page 1 about delays applicants for commercial driver licenses face in many states.

Don Lefeve, president of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association, said it can take up to 45 days for CDL applicants in some states to arrange a skills test due to inadequate staffing and a limited number of testing facilities... Continue reading.


CVTA Webinar - All Politics is Local - Let Your Voice Be Heard

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Our next Webinar "All Politics is Local - Let Your Voice Be Heard" is scheduled for this Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern.  CVTA's President and CEO Don Lefeve will present the webinar and share his years of experience and knowledge on what you need to do to establish and improve relationships with Federal, State and Local political figures.

This is a Webinar not to be missed!  You and your company have an important story to tell and this Webinar will provide you with the information to ensure your voice is heard by the politicians who represent you.
If you wish to participate please contact us or call the CVTA Office 703-642-9444.