News and combine forces for the first-ever transportation virtual career fair of its kind.

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April 12, 2011


Brett Scott, Business Development Manager
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Mike Vogel, Director Virtual Events
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CHICAGO - For the first time, and are collaborating to provide a unique, first-to-market online virtual career fair for the transportation industry that will take place on Wednesday, June 1, from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. CST. This unique event will be sponsored in part by the Midnight Trucking Radio Network.

Attracting both employers seeking top drivers and transportation professionals looking for jobs with the best companies, this event offers the ultimate in convenience, cost-effectiveness, and live interaction. The participants don’t have to go anywhere; they just need a computer and a connection to the internet to attend; thus saving the considerable time, money and effort required in attending a traditional career fair.

Best of all, attendees will be able to do everything they would do at a traditional job fair, including interviews via live chat and video chat, so employers and candidates can communicate in real time on the Internet. Candidates can also upload and submit their work histories and/or resumes online for employers to review.

Candidates will be able to enter the virtual exhibit hall and visit exhibitor booths where they can learn more about the participating employers, watch videos, download documents, apply to specific job postings and chat live in group and private chats. The event will also feature an auditorium with on-demand presentations and a networking lounge where all of the attendees and exhibitors can interact in a vibrant group chat and access a social media interface.

"By combining the strengths and capabilities of and, we're providing an unprecedented way to reach our industry on both sides of the equation," said Brett Scott, Business Development Manager at "We're looking forward to seeing how drivers and businesses respond to being able to easily and conveniently connect through this virtual medium." National Sales Manager Tony Orr knows that the event will be a landmark in the recruitment of transportation professionals. “This is a new and innovative way to reach drivers while they’re in their trucks, and to communicate with employers while they’re in their workspaces. It gives both groups more freedom to accomplish their goals,” he stated.

Sponsorship opportunities for the online employer booths run from $1,500 for a standard booth, to $3,000 for a premium booth, and $6,000 for an event sponsor booth.

Employers and transportation professionals can learn more and register today at

About is a niche online resource for jobs that move you. The site offers applicants a place to find relevant jobs that fit their needs and specialties, as well as access to advice, tips and industry news that will help advance their careers. is also a reliable resource for companies to find qualified talent across the truck driving industry.

About, a division of Dominion Enterprises, specializes in recruitment solutions for the trucking industry. Its clients offer a variety of diesel mechanic employment listings and truck driving jobs for over-the-road and owner-operator positions. drives truck driving staffing needs.

Exciting New Tool for Recruiting Drivers and Students

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CVTA is pleased to be able to announce that the "Rookie of the Year" Contest created by Randall Reilly Publishing is up and running. The first "Rookie of the Year" will be recognized at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, TX in August. CVTA helped Randall-Reilly in the development of this contest because the Association believes that the contest is a great way to not only recognize new drivers and attract attention to the truck driving occupation and build excitement about it.

The grand prize will include $10,000 cash as well as merchandise provided by sponsors. Semi finalists will also be recognized. Nominations may be submitted by schools, employers, trainers and individuals.

As its contribution, the Truckload Carriers' Association has agreed to host the application website. The website is: When you land on the website, scroll to "Contests and Awards." The Rookie of the Year contest is the second one listed.

We encourage all members to nominate individuals that have been outstanding students or employees. 

Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) and Drivers - Separating Fact from Fiction

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With the launch of the CSA Safety Measurement System (SMS) in December 2010, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) continues to receive questions from drivers. Below is a slightly updated reprint of an earlier What’s New entry separating fact from fiction regarding CSA and drivers.

FMCSA is committed to providing all stakeholders with factual and timely information on CSA. As part of this commitment, it is important that commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers are aware of how CSA affects them.

Drivers, we have heard and appreciate your questions on issues ranging from the Driver Safety Measurement System (DSMS) to the Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP). Here are the FACTS:

What is the DSMS?

The SMS assesses a carrier’s safety performance based on its roadside violations and crashes. The DSMS is a tool within the SMS used by enforcement staff only. Its primary purpose is to help enforcement staff assess driver safety as part of motor carrier investigations. The DSMS does this by identifying which of a motor carrier’s drivers to examine during that carrier’s compliance review.  This enforcement tool uses a subset of violations to evaluate an individual driver’s safety performance across employers. Appendix A in the SMS Methodology Report shows the violations used in the DSMS.

Who can see the DSMS?

Only enforcement staff have access to the DSMS for use during motor carrier safety investigations. Neither drivers nor employing motor carriers have access to the DSMS. While some third party vendors are developing and marketing CSA driver scorecards, these companies do not have access to full driver violation histories in FMCSA databases. FMCSA has not and will not validate any vendors’ scorecards or data.

What is the Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) and how does it impact CSA?

PSP is a new, voluntary FMCSA program mandated by Congress that is designed to assist the motor carrier industry in assessing individual drivers’ safety performance as part of the hiring process. PSP is a completely separate program from CSA. Additionally, PSP contains 3 years of inspection reports and 5 years of crash reports; however,  it does not provide a rating, score, or formal assessment of any kind. Drivers are encouraged to obtain and review their PSP report before applying for new jobs and request a review of any potentially inaccurate data through FMCSA’s DataQs program. While the PSP is not part of CSA, the safety data accessible through PSP is the same data that the DSMS and enforcement staff use during motor carrier investigations. For more information about PSP, visit FMCSA’s PSP Website at For more information about DataQs, visit

Will FMCSA use CSA to remove CMV drivers from their jobs?

NO CSA does not give FMCSA new authority to remove drivers from their jobs and DSMS information is not publicly shared in the way that motor carrier safety data is today. Other important facts related to driver employment are outlined below.

  • Carriers will not inherit any of a newly hired driver’s past violations. Only those inspections and crashes that a driver is involved in while operating under a carrier’s authority can be applied to a carrier’s SMS data.
  • Similar to the previous system, SafeStat, tickets or warnings that drivers receive while operating their personal vehicles do not count in the new SMS.
  • Neither FMCSA nor CSA restricts drivers based on BMI, weight, or neck size.
  • Drivers should review current and potential motor carrier employers’ SMS data which is located at Drivers and carriers with strong safety histories stand to benefit from the new compliance and enforcement program.

Can FMCSA use CSA to revoke a driver’s commercial driver’s license (CDL)?

NOCSA does not give FMCSA the authority to revoke a CDL. Only state agencies responsible for issuing CDLs have the authority to suspend or revoke them.

The CDL Program is completely separate from CSA. FMCSA has developed and issued standards for the testing and licensing of CDL holders. These standards require states to issue CDLs only after the driver has passed knowledge and skills tests related to the type of vehicle the driver expects to operate.

The data kept by a state (i.e. tickets, citations, written warnings, convictions) and the data that are kept by the Federal government and used in the DSMS (i.e. violations from roadside inspections and crash reports) are separate.  Drivers can review their state data by requesting their Motor Vehicle Record (MVR). Drivers may review the data kept by the Federal government through the PSP program referenced above and may request a review of the Federal data through FMCSA’s DataQs system (

How does CSA affect a motor carriers’ employment of CMV drivers?

Under CSA, FMCSA continues to hold motor carriers responsible for the safety performance of the drivers they employ. This is a longstanding FMCSA position and is not unique to CSA. All inspections and crashes that a driver receives while under the authority of a carrier will remain part of the carrier’s SMS data for two years unless overturned through the DataQs system, even if the carrier terminates the driver.

FMCSA’s CSA website is the official resource for information about this new safety program. We encourage drivers and all stakeholders to visit the CSA Website and sign up to receive regular updates by email at
Know the facts, be prepared.

Thank You,
CSA Web Team
USDOT/Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Scammer Alert! 5/20/2011

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Good afternoon everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment and remind all of you that this is the time of year for the scam artists to come slithering out of the woodwork! 

I got a call today from a man named David Greene.  He claims to be the Director Of Driver Operations with Con-Way Transportation.  He gave the phone number 702-542-3175. (My first tip-off.  All the scam numbers I seem to get have the 702 prefix).  He claimed that they were looking for 6 drivers from our area immediately, and 14 more very soon.  Four weeks of training pay at $450, .32 per mile, out 14 days and home 4, and very interested in women drivers.  I have contacted Amanda Dunkle at Con-Way (she's included in the thread) and confirmed that there is no one working at Con-Way by that name. 

I am almost POSITIVE that this is the same man that contacted me last spring, and claimed to be Joseph Greene, with US Express.  He tried unsuccessfully to get one of our students to Western Union him $450, and claimed a local trainer would pick him up once money was received.  (Police were trying to track him but were unable to do so). 

Please forward this warning to all public and private schools that you associate with.


Rebekah Casner
Coordinator-Truck Driver Training
Kishwaukee College
Thanks for the heads up!