New Research Shows FMCSA Safety Measurement System is an Improvement for Identifying At-Risk Companies

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A new study confirms that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Safety Measurement System (SMS) is more effective at identifying commercial bus and truck companies of all sizes for targeted enforcement than the system it replaced. Researchers analyzed the association between historical carrier data and future crash involvement by taking two years of pre-SMS safety data for a subset of carriers, running it through the system’s algorithm, and then following those companies’ crash records for eighteen months. Results show that the companies the SMS would have identified for interventions, such as roadside inspections, warning letters and on-site investigations, had a future crash rate of more than double the national average. In addition, 79 percent of the carriers that SMS would have ranked as high risk in at least one of the seven safety categories it monitors, had higher future crash rates compared to those it would not have identified. SMS is a component of the agency’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program, which was launched in 2010 to identify and prioritize motor carriers that pose the highest threat to public safety for enforcement interventions. The study was conducted by the Volpe Center and peer-reviewed by independent experts.


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CVTA Attends MCSAC Meeting

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CVTA attended the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee (MCSAC) meeting on Monday and Tuesday. The meeting's purpose was to discuss and prioritize their recommendations to Congress as Congress prepares for the upcoming Highway Transportation Reauthorization bill. A number of proposals were discussed, including Entry Level Driver Training, but it did not receive a majority of votes to be included in the top 10 recommendations. For additional coverage, please see CCJ's article here.

Legislative and Regulatory Update - 1-28-2014

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By Brad Ball, Chairman and Chuck Wirth, Vice Chairman

As the President addresses the nation tonight in his State of the Union speech, we want to update our membership on a number of items that the Legislative & Regulatory Committee is working on and items for you to consider as we progress through the year.

The Legislative & Regulatory Committee has identified a number of current and future policies such as Third Party testing/ State CDL testing inconsistencies, and government funding available to students which are important to CVTA members. In our latest call, we discussed potential CVTA policy positions on these and other issues. The Legislative & Regulatory Committee will put these positions forth to the Board of Directors, and they will determine the official CVTA position on each issue.

Member Alert - 1.15.2014

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We have been notified about the following from both Western Pacific Truck School and TransAm Trucking:

Michael Phillips called a school saying he is with TransAm Trucking and needs 3 drivers this week and 10 next week, offering $1500 sign on bonus and Insurance after 90 days. Phone 817-921-3431, he spoke to several students last couple days but now the phone number goes to a clinic for refills on medications.
Please be sure to remind your students to be very careful with the information they provide over the phone.
Thanks to Dean Cochran and Maralyn Chavez for the heads up.

FMCSA withdraws its December 26, 2007 Rulemaking on ELDT

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced that it has withdrawn its December 26, 2007, notice of proposed rulemaking regarding Entry Level Driver Training, and is proposing a new rulemaking based upon the statutory requirements set forth in the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). The official notice will appear in tomorrow's Federal Register.
In the notice, the FMCSA states that it "withdraws the 2007 proposal because commenters to the NPRM, and participants in the Agency's public listening sessions in 2013, raised substantive issues which have led the Agency to conclude that it would be inappropriate to move forward with a final rule based on the proposal. In addition, since the NPRM was published, FMCSA received statutory direction on the issue of entry level driver training (ELDT) from Congress via the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) reauthorization legislation. Finally, the Agency tasked its Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee (MCSAC) to provide ideas the Agency should consider in implementing the MAP-21 requirements. In consideration of the above, the Agency has concluded that a new rulemaking should be initiated in lieu of completing the 2007 rulemaking."

DoD MOU Partner Institution Notification of Complaint System

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This notice is for information purposes only. Early in the new year we expect the U.S. Government to launch a centralized online reporting system, allowing Service members, Veterans, and their families to provide feedback about educational institutions. The initiative, part of the President's Executive Order for Principles of Excellence, is designed to empower the students and their families by ensuring they have the best information needed to make the most informed educational choices while holding institutions of higher learning to the highest standards. This includes:

  • Providing meaningful information about the financial cost and quality of the school;
  • Preventing abusive and deceptive recruiting practices; and
  • Providing high-quality academic and student support services.

The Departments of Defense, Education, and Veterans Affairs, along with the Department of Justice, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission, are championing this effort.  More details to follow in the new year.

Truckload Driver Turnover Dips

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Large-Fleet Churn Still Tops 90% for 7th Qtr.

By Rip Watson, Senior Reporter

This story appears in the Dec. 16 print edition of Transport Topics.

Driver turnover ticked downward at truckload carriers during the third quarter but remained at relatively high levels, American Trucking Associations reported last week.

ATA said turnover at large truckload fleets slipped 2 percentage points to 97% and that at smaller fleets it dropped 8 percentage points to 74%.

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